What is Casting? To Lori Lins Ltd. it is Matchmaking.

That is, matching talented performers to the needs of advertisers and their agencies. We find and match real people by sifting through the multitudes to locate that perfect person. One that looks real and yet can handle the advertisers' directions and deliver copy eloquently, or one that can capture the emotion that is needed to pull a project together. It's also reaching beyond the immediate resources of your average talent agent and going that extra step to achieve excellence and create success. Lori Lins Ltd. believes strongly that to create a successful talent management organization, you must be willing to step over the line and represent the best interests of the Client and Advertiser first and foremost. It is only with Client satisfaction that you in turn are able to represent the Talent to their fullest abilities. We strive to develop a trust between Client and Talent to the benefit of both.

In 40+ years of business, Lori Lins Ltd. has never had a client "cast it again" somewhere else once they have decided to Cast it with us. If the net needs to be cast further, we cast it further. If our vast web of resources can't accomplish the job at hand, then we reach out to whomever and wherever we can reach to find the answers and accomplish the seemingly impossible. Our job is to make your job easier and seamless. We do it with a smile and a "Thank You" for presenting us with the opportunity.